Little Owly Creative Circle!

Creative Circle

Introducing Little Owly Creative Circle! We are so excited to share this new segment with you, the Little Owly Creative Circle. Since our inception, we have hosted workshops and activities in our store that bring individuals, mamas and little ones together to share, inspire and create. We host workshops that are child centered, promote self expression, creativity or provide tips and knowledge for mamas in their parenthood journey. 
Keeping our little ones active, smiling and inspired is an important part of their growth and we believe that as individuals and mamas we were made for community. Through the Little Owly Creative Circle, we want to inspire and share ideas, crafts and activities to create memories, keep little hands busy and fill hearts with happy.  
We look forward to sharing with many more of you through this new segment and creating a world of dreams, fun and love for little ones. 
 So if you're a creative, maker, artist or mama… join our circle and create and share with us!

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