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Bubbles! Little ones LOVE these bits of air wrapped in soap film…and can you blame them? They are fun, colorful when in light, big and small, one or many, played indoors or outdoors, float up in the air and make happy memories.

Bubbles are an excellent way to entertain little ones but also provides a learning opportunity and engages them to play with a purpose. This fun and easy activity can support hand-eye coordination, cause and effect relationship, and gross motor skills, to name a few.

This week we decided to try painting with bubbles and it was easy, not too messy, kept our little one entertained and fun!

First we prepared our straw bubble wands and laid everything out. We then mixed our colors with bubble solutions and ready to blow bubbles! 

It's amazing to see the effect when the bubbles land on the paper and mix with all the colors and the expression on your little one's face! 

Bubble Painting Art - What You'll Need

Using the rubber bands, band together straws to create the wand desired. Make sure to make one for each color you will be painting with. If you are painting with a design, you will need to tape it down (make sure to press down firmly so that the bubbles do not sneak in under). Pour the bubble solution into the cups or trays (use a separate container for each color), add the coloring and mix in. Have your little one dip the end of the straws (wand) into the bubble solution, aim at the paper or canvas and blow! Be sure to watch small children as they will naturally try to inhale  and drink the bubbles. Practice blowing through the straw first to show them. After you finish painting with the bubbles, allow the artwork to dry. It may be left outside in the sun to dry quickly or inside. Make sure it is completely dry and enjoy! If a design was used, remove the design with the painter's tape carefully.

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly 



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