Valentine's Day Shaving Cream Art Hearts

2023 Creative Circle featured Holiday Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is next month and we are getting in the festive mood with some marbled heart art! 

These hearts are perfect to make a garland, hang on a door or wall and placed on your table for Valentine's Day decor! This was a fun project with the kids and full of sensory fun using shave cream to create unique and beautiful colored hearts. 

Here’s how your little ones can make these shaving cream art hearts and turn them into the cutest decorations. All you need are watercolor paper, food coloring, shaving cream and a shallow container.

We drew a heart on watercolor paper, cut it out and used as template for the rest of the hearts. 

Added shaving cream onto our cookie sheets and then ready to have some fun adding food coloring and swirling the shaving cream using a skewer. 

Next, we placed our heart cut outs into the shaving cream and held down for a bit. Lift up and see all the beautiful colors and swirls on the heart. Then transfer to a sheet of paper or other shallow container to remove the excess shaving cream from the heart using a ruler. 

Let your hearts dry and then put together to make a garland or any type of decoration you'd like!

Valentine's Day Shaving Cream Art Hearts - What You'll Need

  • Watercolor Paper (this one linked here is great) 
  • Shaving Cream (be sure to use one with a scent you like because the hearts will pick up the scent too - we used Up & Up from Target which smelled great) 
  • Food Coloring in shades of pink and red 
  • Skewers (these are great to keep on hand for projects, we use the ones linked here)
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors 
  • Ruler
  • Hole puncher if you want to turn your hearts into a garland 
  • Shallow container (we used these cookie sheets linked here, great for other projects too!) 
  • Gloves (optional - we did not use gloves but hands did get a little messy with food coloring, lots of hand washing after) 


1. On your watercolor paper, draw or trace a heart if you'd like to use a template. We drew a heart freehand, cut it out and used as a template for the rest of them. We did cut out about 7 hearts but also let the kids try to cut their own heart out. 

2. Add shaving cream to your shallow container. 

3. Add drops of food coloring and begin to swirl the shaving cream around using skewer. 

4. Place your hearts down on to the shaving cream, hold down and remove. Transfer to another piece of paper or container, and using a ruler remove the excess shaving cream. 

5. Repeat. Add more food coloring and/or shaving cream as needed. HAVE FUN! Shaving cream is a fun sensory activity for little ones. 

6. Let hearts dry, we left them overnight. We wanted to make a garland with ours so we punched holes on each side and tied with ribbon. You can add a ribbon at the top and hang your heart on a wall or even lay them flat on your table for decor. 

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly
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