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Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19, and we wanted to share a Father's Day gift idea little ones can make for fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and father figures in their lives. Handmade gifts always add that extra special touch especially when they are created by the little hands you love. 

Make Dad feel extra loved with a hand painted “We’re Nuts About You, Dad!”  picture frame. 

 This one is simple, takes a few supplies, not too much time and most importantly, the kids really enjoyed making it —  a great alternative to a store bought gift that is heartfelt and personalized!

Here’s how your little ones can make this nuts about you picture frame and turn it into the best Father’s Day gift. All you need are nuts, paint, glue and a wooden frame.

 The picture frame was made using assorted nuts (in a variety of sizes, shapes colors), a wooden craft picture frame, paint, glue and a vinyl decal that says “We’re Nuts About You, Dad!”. We used a decal created on our Cricut but you can use alphabet stickers, letter beads or have your little one’s write it out too! Remember, this can be as elaborate or as simple as you and your little ones would like.

Start by painting the picture frame in the choice of color your little one would like and allow it to dry completely. Our frames took about 20 minutes to dry completely. As our picture frames dried, we took photos of our little ones holding a Happy Father's Day sign that will be placed inside the frame as part of the final gift. 

Next we dabbed dots of glue either directly on the nuts or on the frame and held the nuts down. We knew the message would be across the top and bottom of the frame so we did not place too many nuts there for the vinyl application. The nuts were glued on the wooden frame using Elmer's Craftbond Quick Dry Glue, which worked great because it dried quickly and clear after each piece was set.


After all the nuts were glued on the frame, we added the vinyl decal "We're Nuts About You, Dad!"

We love to see the excitement and smile of our little ones' faces when they finish their projects. We're looking forward to sharing them with their dad! Our nuts about you frame would also make a great birthday or just because gift!

Father's Day "We're Nuts About You, Dad" Picture Frame - What You'll Need

  • Picture Frame - we used wooden frames with wide edges (linked here)
  • Nuts - we used a variety nuts purchased from the hardware store and this assortment (linked here).
  • "We're Nuts About You, Dad" decal - we used our Cricut Joy and white vinyl to create ours but you can use alphabet stickers (linked here) or you can have your little one write it out. 
  • Glue - we used Elmer's Craftbond Quick Dry Glue (linked here) which was easy to use and dried clear and quickly
  • Paint - (linked here) this is the set of paint we've been using for our projects. It brings an assortment of 18 colors. 
  • Paint Brushes - we used foam paint brushes (linked here). They come in a pack of 25 and are great to have on hand for other arts and crafts projects. 


  1. Paint your picture frame. We did only one color but if you're little one wants to add more layers, like polka dots or designs, that is great. Be sure to wait until your frame is dry. 
  2. Decorate your frame using a variety of color and size nuts of choice. You can place them anyway your little one would like. You can also dab the glue directly on the frame if it is easier, remember it will dry clear.
  3. Lay picture frame flat to dry. 
  4. Once the nuts are dry, you can add the "We're Nuts About You, Dad" decal or stickers on the picture frame. 
  5. Add a photo of your little one.

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly
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