Cookie Monster Craft for Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

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Our little one is a big fan of Cookie Monster and loves chocolate chip cookies (any cookie really) so when we learned that National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is on Tuesday, August 4th we decided we had to do an activity that combined the two.

Everybody will love making this paper Cookie Monster puppet craft. Your little ones will be all smiles as they make this fun and easy craft and get to enjoy pretend play afterwards!

Enjoying chocolate chip cookies and anything related is a fun reason to celebrate and personally, any day is a good day to have cookies around here!

This activity serves as an opportunity to practice counting as your little one adds "chocolate chips" to their paper cookie and  the cutting and gluing of this craft is a great time to develop your little one's fine motor skills.

The Cookie Monster puppet is made by cutting out each part of Cookie Monster (eyes, mouth, face, cookie and chocolate chips) using a template and then layering each piece. We used our Cricut Maker Machine to cut out as well as made one cutting by hand. Whichever way you choose to make yours will work nicely. We kept this activity simple by only using cardstock paper but don’t be afraid to customize and add your own embellishments (buttons, glitter, sequins, etc.)

Once all of your Cookie Monster pieces are glued together you glue a popsicle stick to complete the puppet and make for easier play. Next, enjoy some chocolate chip cookies and play with your new puppet!

Cookie Monster Puppet Craft - What You'll Need


  1. Cut out each layer to build Cookie Monster. If you are not using a Cricut Maker Machine, we used black cardstock and cut an oval shape with two circles on top as the face. Next, we cut blue cardstock in an oval shape to place on top of the black. Next, cut two circles and you can cut two smaller inner circles or use a black marker to draw the eyes. 
  2. Glue together each layer.
  3. Cut out a circle in light brown cardstock as the cookie. We used our Pom Pom trim guides in the 3" size.
  4. Cut out smaller circles in dark brown cardstock as the chocolate chips. We used our Pom Pom trim guide in the .75" size for these.
  5. Glue the "chocolate chips" to the light brown cardstock and then glue the cookie off the side of Cookie Monster's mouth.
  6. Time to play and enjoy cookies with Cookie Monster!

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