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Summertime is usually the time filled with going to camp, playing sports at the local park, visiting beaches or amusements parks and spending time with friends. This year many families are staying home and all of our usual summer traditions may look a bit different but that doesn’t mean we still can't have fun.

This year, Amazon teamed up with Boys & Girls Clubs of America to launch "Camp Prime." This is a great resource offering families easy and safe ways to help their little ones have fun and stay engaged this summer. Even better, the program is available to everyone! Be sure to check out their free Camp Prime Handbook (click here to see more), which features activities to do around the house and healthy snacks to make.

We decided to make Erica Domesek's (from P.S. I Made This) Summer Sailboats with Pool Noodles for this week's Little Owly Creative Circle activity. It was easy, required few materials and provides entertainment after the project is done. Your little one will be able to head over to the pool or bath tub and watch their sailboats float!

All you will need for this project are a pool noodle, scissors, foam sheets, wooden dowel, electrical tape, paper tape and any other embellishments to decorate the sails.

We used the foam sheets to create the sails for the sailboat by cutting three trapezoid shapes and decorating them. Once they were decorated, we placed the wooden dowel through and using the paper tape created a flag at the top. We cut our pool noodle in two pieces and using our electrical tape we stuck them together. Electrical tape will work best if you are planning to play with these in the water. Once the pool noodles were closely stuck together, we placed the dowel between both pool noodles and we were ready!

We filled a small tub to show our little one how her Summer Sailboats would float and let her splash and play around with them. Get creative and let your little one have fun, these sailboats are great for pretend play!


Summer Sailboat - What You'll Need


  1. Using your foam sheets (click here to see the set we used), you will need to cut three trapezoid shapes that will be the sails, make sure to cut a large, medium and small one.
  2. Decorate your sails using any embellishment you would like…stickers, glitter, googly eyes, etc.
  3. Once your sails are decorated, you will need to cut slits on the top and bottom of each sail. Be sure to not cut them too high or too low as the foam will tear when trying to place the dowel through. Place the wooden dowel through each slit of your sail pieces.
  4. Using the paper tape, cut a small piece and at the top of the dowel (on top of the smallest sail), make a flag.
  5. Next, cut your pool noodle in two symmetrical pieces and using the electrical tape, tape together tightly.
  6. Place your dowel in between the pool noodles and you are ready to sail!

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly 



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