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We've all heard the chant…I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Well, we're screaming and ready to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! Here is the scoop…

If you know us, you know that we love any reason to celebrate and personally, any day is a good day to have ice cream and we made ice cream scoop art for the occasion! 

This Sunday is National Ice Cream Day, which means it’s the perfect day to get a cool and delicious treat on a hot summer day. Each year on the third Sunday in July (which also happens to be National Ice Cream Month), ice cream lovers across the nation celebrate this fun day by enjoying some refreshing, creamy and yummy goodness.

As part of our celebration, we wanted to include a creative activity with our little ones that we could use for decoration and have a (mini) Ice Cream Party. We were inspired to make framed ice cream art using our little one's handprint. Their handprints were colored and made to reflect scoops of ice cream and they embellished with glitter. We love crafts that use our little one's handprints because we get to save the craft for later and see how much they’ve grown!   

We used watercolor paper because it is a bit thicker and we wanted to frame their art work, you could also use regular printer paper as an option too. We painted the palms of our little one's hands in different colors, which they chose, and had them press their hands on the paper. They used their thumbs to make a dot on each scoop to represent the cherry on top and used glitter pens to make the ice cream cone outlines and a make it extra special. While the handprints dried a little, we cut triangles to represent cones out of brown paper and drew lines on the cones and glued when ready.

This activity is quick, easy, doesn’t require many materials and can be customized to your little one's taste…just like a real ice cream sundae! 

Once we finished the activity, we had lunch with special themed napkins and plates. The best part was that after lunch we treated our little ones (and ourselves) to a local small business and our South Miami neighbor, Whip 'n Dip. They are a family owned and operated business since 1985 and if you have the opportunity you should check them out, if you don’t already know them. (Click here if you'd like to know more about Whip 'n Dip).

Plan to enjoy ice cream  - make it a family night and have your dinner followed by an ice cream dessert or enjoy a few scoops as a snack during an afternoon picnic  - and place your framed scoops to be displayed as part of the celebration!

We have partnered with Whip 'n Dip to celebrate National Ice Cream Day (Sunday, July 19th). Go to their ice cream shoppe in South Miami (1407 Sunset Drive Miami, FL 33143) and enjoy a scoop or cone of ice cream and receive a FREE TOPPING of your choice. All you have to do is say Little Owly when ordering! We are excited to share this offer with our Little Owly friends and family and hope you will celebrate and enjoy this sweet offer!

 National Ice Cream Day Framed Scoops - What You'll Need



  1. Using a paintbrush and two colors paint your little one's hands. Paint the top half one color and palm a different color.
  2. Press your little one's hand onto the watercolor paper to transfer the paint. If making more than one scoop, wipe and clean their hands and repeat.
  3. Clean your little one's hands and then paint their thumb using the red paint and transfer to the top of the ice cream scoops to make the cherries.
  4. While the handprints are drying, cut triangles out of the brown paper and either using the glitter pen or a marker make the lines to make it look like an ice cream cone.
  5. Glue the ice cream cones under the handprints.
  6. Once the handprints are dry, you can draw lines around them to look like the scoops. We used glitter pens for this part too.
  7. Once the project is completely dry, you can place it in your picture frame and display!


Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly 



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