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Tie dye with little ones is an easy, fun and creative activity! It combines colors and patterns in many many different ways and is currently trending in the fashion industry. We love that there is no right or wrong way to get a beautiful design and each item is entirely unique.

We were excited to recreate this go-to activity from our days at summer camp with our little one which we added to our summer bucket list. The best part is we get to  wear our finished results. Did you check out our list? Click here to see what else we have planned.

The tie dying activity took place in the kitchen because it started raining as we were getting ready to head outside. So if you're looking for an indoor activity with your little ones, this could be a great option! Think of any item you'd like to tie dye and make sure it's 100% cotton as it will work best.


We recommended using a kit that brings everything you will need. The kit is especially helpful if this is your first time because it includes the dye, rubber bands and gloves. Using the kit also kept things relatively neat. You may want to make sure your little one wears something they won't mind parting with or if their clothes gets stained you could tie dye that too another time!

We also bought the two minute kit as we knew it would be better when working with our little ones so they could see their finished project fast! All we had to do was create our patterns on our shirts and tie using the rubber bands, add water to the bottles, mix them up and squirt.

We used cookie trays to place our shirts on top of and then squirt the colors. Once we added all the colors we placed the items in the containers and popped them into the microwave. Once they were cooled, we removed the rubber bands, rinsed and we had our finished t-shirts!

The girls were super excited to see their creations and couldn’t wait to put them on! 

Are you planning to tie dye something this summer? Leave a comment and share your plans with us.

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly


Tie Dye Project - What You'll Need

  • Tie Dye Kit - we used this one here. We also used the Two Minute Tie Dye Containers from Tulip for faster results. Click here for the one we used. 
  • T-shirts and any other item you'd like to tie dye. We also colored some washcloths.
  • Cookie Sheet



  1. Lay out all of the materials included in the kit and place your cookie sheet in front of you.
  2. Dampen your fabric and place the shirts (or any other item you will be tie dying) on top of the cookie sheet.
  3. Begin pinching the fabric and twist to create a flat spiral. It is OK if it is not perfect, it will add extra flair and uniqueness to the item.
  4. Bind using the rubber bands.
  5. Once the item has the rubber bands, prepare the tie dye. Add water to the fill line indicated on the bottles from the kit. Shake until the dye powder has dissolved.
  6. Apply the dye and carefully flip over and apply die to the other side.
  7. Place in microwave container and heat according to instructions. Let cool.
  8. Reveal the finished product and wear!


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