Red, White & Blue Star Wreath

2023 4th of July Memorial Day Summer

Memorial Day weekend is coming up and this day also seems to be the unofficial start of summer. This holiday usually involves barbeques with family and friends, pool or beach days and other outdoor fun! Enjoy celebrating this Memorial Day with this simple mess-free star painted wreath while teaching your little ones the meaning of this day and how to honor our military.

We used white card stock star cutouts and painted them with red and blue using a bin and ball. There was lots of rolling and moving the bin around as well as little hands rolling the ball. The little ones had fun shaking the bin to see the balls move and create unique patterns as well as getting messy and using their hands to roll. Once the stars dried, we used a paper plate as the base to glue stars and make a wreath. 

These patriotic stars and wreath could be embellished with as much as you'd like. You could use ribbons, glitter, sequins, buttons and much more. We decided to keep ours simple this time with paint, fabric and a few bows.


We loved how these patriotic star wreaths turned out! 

How are you planning to celebrate Memorial Day with your little ones this year? Leave a comment and share your plans for the weekend. 

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly 

Red, White & Blue Star Wreath - What You'll Need

  • White Cardstock paper (for star cutouts, we used our Cricut but you can trace a cookie cutter or have your little one draw their own stars) 
  • Red & blue paint
  • Bin or tray 
  • Plastic balls (we used practice golf balls) 
  • Paper plates to use as base for wreath 
  • Glue
  • Ribbon, fabric, bows, etc. in red, white and/or blue


1. Using white cardstock paper, cut out star shapes. We used about 10 for each wreath and used 2 different sizes. 

2. Place stars in bin/tray and on one of your paper plates squeeze red and blue paint. 

3. Dip one of your plastic balls into red or blue paint and stick in the bin/tray and shake it! You will move/shake the bin and watch the ball paint each star. 

4. Repeat with next color. Once your stars are painted in red and blue, you can remove from the bin and let dry.

5. While stars dry, cut the inside of one of your paper plates to use as the base of the wreath. 

6. Glue stars along paper plate. Embellish with ribbons, fabric and more!

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