Grandma's Easter Bread, a new tradition

2023 Easter featured

This year we started what we're hoping will become a tradition passed along every Easter. We made Grandma's Easter Bread for our brunch and it was delicious and fun to do together! 


Traditions can mean so many different things to individuals. They can include daily rituals and routines such as Friday pizza nights or they can be more planned and season based such as matching Christmas pajamas or baking Christmas cookies in December. I believe that these repeated and shared experiences connect us with others and play a large role in making us who we are. Ever since I became a Mom, the magic of continuing traditions from my own childhood and starting new ones is one of my favorite things to do. I love experiencing everything thought my kids’ eyes. 

This year, we started a new Easter tradition. Making Grandma’s Easter Bread with Tita. The kids got to color eggs that were later baked and placed on top of the sweet yellow bread and added sprinkles for decoration. 



They say it takes repeating at least two times to starting a new tradition. We’re already looking forward to baking and eating it again next year! 


Any special traditions you do with your little ones during the Easter season? 

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