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It is officially Summer and for this week's Little Owly Craft Circle we wanted to do something related to the beach and that would be easy and colorful. We decided to make handprint fish puppets. Now that school is officially out for little ones and they maybe spending more time at home, this was something easy, fun and provided entertainment long after we finished the craft. This is an activity you will most likely have most of the materials at home for too, which is great.

This activity uses the handprint of our little one to create a "fish" shape and we love that we will be able to save this craft and remember the smallness of her hands years to come. We used different patterns of cardstock paper and embellished our fish using googly eyes, pipe cleaners, buttons and pom poms. You can bring out any assortment of items to let your little ones make their fish as fancy or decorated as they'd like!

Depending on your little one's age, they will practice their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination using a pencil to trace their hands and scissors to cut out their shapes. Our favorite part of this activity was watching our little one play with her fish puppets when finished. She kept holding each one and pretending they were swimming while humming along to "Baby Shark…doo…doo…doo!"


Handprint Fish Puppets - What You'll Need


  1. Begin by tracing your little one's hand on the cardstock paper. Fish come in many different colors and patterns, let your little one choose what they'd like.
  2. Cut the handprint shape out.
  3. Glue all of the embellishments on your fish.
  4. Glue the handprint fish to a popsicle stick and you're done!
  5. Play and have fun!

Have fun and share with us! #LOCreativeCircle #mylittleowly 



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