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Welcome, Summer! Today, June 22nd, is the official first day of Summer.  This season is usually characterized by warm weather, splashing in water, long days and outdoor activities.

We're ready to make this our best summer yet no matter what and we've created a summer bucket list to ensure we do just that with our little ones! This list will motivate us to seek new adventures and make lasting memories all season long. We wanted to make sure our list included activities that are easy to do with little ones, included new experiences and most importantly, FUN! 

Here is our summer bucket list we'd like to accomplish this year! I hope these ideas will inspire you to create your own summer bucket list to enjoy with your little ones.

We also want to encourage you to have fun with your list, add or remove things if you change your mind and don't get discouraged if you don’t check every item off your list this summer. You can always make it a weekend activity or add it to next year's list.

Read our plans for the Summer and download our bucket list for free here.

Our Family Friendly & Fun Summer Bucket List 

  1. Make popsicles - Summer days are hot and we'll be seeking yummy treats to help us cool down. We're hoping to make some filled with fruit and yogurt, all ingredients you may already have at home. We recently purchased the mold listed here and can't wait to try it out. 
  1. Watch fireworks - We would love to be able to see some 4th of July fireworks this year. We're planning to research what places in our area will be having a show and plan it out.
  1. Family movie and popcorn night - Pick a movie, grab your favorite popcorns…salty and sweet and enjoy! This will be a first for our little one and we're excited to plan this special night with her. We will be ordering this set of Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn that can be found at here from Little Owly.
  1. Tie-dye an article of clothing or accessory: tie-dye combines fun colors and patterns and is very on trend for 2020. We're excited to recreate a go-to activity from our days at summer camp and wear/use our DIY project. We ordered this kit here.
  1. Beach day - A must summer activity! We can't wait to spend the day by the water, swimming, building sandcastles and enjoying a little fun in the sun. Little Owly has lots of bathing suit options for the summer! Click here to shop!
  1. Paint sea shells and make a craft - We like the idea of collecting sea shells at the beach one day, taking them home and painting them. We will think of a craft to do with them and most likely share it with you through our Little Owly Creative Circle.
  1. Make homemade pizza - Pizza is a favorite in our home. We usually do pizza Fridays and order from local restaurants. This summer we want to try making our own with our little one and have her pick her own toppings and make her very own personal pizza.
  1. Fun with sidewalk chalk - an easy activity that can be done right at home. The sky is really limit with this one, you can make up any game and let your little one's creativity soar. Here are a few of our favorites we already have at home from Little Owly (click here for donuts & here for pizza) and this set here from Amazon.
  1. Enjoy a frozen lemonade - We love a fresh lemonade, but a frozen one sounds even better! We know of a local staple that serves frozen lemonade and hot dogs to Miami families for over 40 years.
  1. BBQ  - Whether we host a family BBQ or attend one this summer, we want to enjoy good food, good company and nice outdoor weather.
  1. Visit a farmer's market - Lately, we have really enjoyed buying and cooking with locally grown produce. Since things have been a little different due to COVID, we've been able to find premade bags of fresh fruits and vegetables but Farmer's Markets have since opened. We are looking forward to strolling through the market and gathering fresh ingredients for a delicious dinner at home.
  1. Strawberry picking - This is something that could be fun for the whole family! It will be our little one's first time and it will be a fun new opportunity to show her where one of her favorite fruits comes from! Another benefit for us, we'll be supporting local.
  1. Watch the sunset - A beautiful ending to the day with your loved ones. A great time to reflect on the day you've just had or be thankful for the moments in your life. 
  1. Mini weekend getaway - We are hoping to be able to have a mini staycation. This year, due to the COVID pandemic, summer plans have changed for many and we would like to keep it local. If we are not able to find a place to go, we will recreate our own tropical vacation at home. Think pool floats, iced drinks, fresh fruit and layer coconut scented sun tan lotion.

 What's on you summer bucket list? We'd love to know what your plans include!



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