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We were recently approached by a local Miami husband and wife team who has ventured into the SLIME WORLD bringing you, E&J Slime Factory. They are a brand focused on providing fun and safe products for all ages to enjoy and have us all recapture what it feels like to be fun and unique. Their products are made using non-toxic ingredients and come in different colors, scents and accents.

We were gifted two of their 8 ounce containers of slime in the most perfect shade of light pink. The girls even mentioned that they were reminded of frosting and cotton candy while playing with it!

Slime has been a hot item with little ones for some time but I have to say, this was fun for a first timer as well as a little one who has even made her own slime!

One of the things we really liked about this activity, was the opportunity for the girls to further develop their relationship and engage in something fun. They say cousins get to be each other's first best friends and you will always have someone to play with at family events so we loved that this was another way we were able to get them together and play.

We sat them both girls next to each other and gave them each their own container of the slime…once it was opened they couldn’t stop picking it up and letting it run through their fingers. The slime was sticky, oozy and gooey but in all the right ways! It was stretchy and sticky but without being too sticky! It was great. Another thing we loved about this slime was that it was relatively neat. We know that sometimes the idea of slime and the associated mess could be a turn off but we did not experience that at all! We were able to clean up any residue easily from the table they were playing on as well as from their clothes. EV, whom just turned two in March, loved playing with the slime and picking it up and letting it gravitate down, naturally letting some get on her clothes but thankfully, it was easy to remove. Her cousin, who is five, really enjoyed the slime and used her imagination to create slime jewelry and let it run through her fingers.

We are happy to share that besides providing the girls with lots of fun and keeping them entertained for quite a bit, E&J Slime Factory will be a recommended activity for us!

Did you know that playing with also slime provides little ones with an amazing sensory experience? They get to feel and play with something that is squishy, stretchy and engages all the touch senses. It could also be an activity that provides little ones with a sense of calming and relaxation. It can even be relaxing for adults….have you ever played with slime? You will most likely love it too!

You can shop E&J Slime Factory on their website or contact us to place your order!

Contact Little Owly to place an order or visit E&J Slime Factory to order and learn more!


**Please note, we received this product free from E&J Slime Factory in exchange for an honest, unbiased review. Always remember to use supervision when using these types of products with children.**

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  • Elisa Sanchez-Martinez on

    Looks like they really had fun, so cute! 💖

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